13 August 2017

Don't Leave Me Summer!

Whenever summer vacation rolls around (the perks of working in a school) so many things are expected to happen. Lots of laying by the pool, Netflix binge-watching, and tons of opportunities to drink good beer. Throw in an impromptu road trip and you've got yourself a pretty good summer. Now I've been able to do a lot of these things, but not nearly as much as I have wanted to. With work and job searching, there just isn't enough time. This summer was enjoyable, but it really flew by!

A few things changed over these past couple months that I'm really excited for. Now that I'm 30 I'm really focusing on doing meaningful things and surrounding myself with positive people and places. I think I am on the right track to doing that.

Cheerleading: I had a pretty successful cheerleading career. 7 years of stunting and tumbling and about 4 years of coaching. I had been working with a squad at my previous school but I wasn't getting the help or support I wanted. Coaching is not just 1 person doing all the work. Its a family. So I decided to make a change and am now Head Coaching a Pee Wee Pop Warner squad out of Matthews, NC. I have never been happier. These girls are truly excited, the parents are very involved, and the coaching staff is instant family. It's so great. I can't wait to see what this season will bring!

Teaching: I've spent 2 years working on transitioning from a teacher assistant to a full teacher. All the studying, the testing, and interviewing has paid off. This Fall I will be starting my career as a 4th grade teacher! I get my own lovely set of students to be with all year! This is monumental for me because I've been talking about this forever and now its really happening. Its going to be a tough road but the fulfillment I get from working with kids at school is better than any job I've ever had.

Dating: This year has been a whirlwind for me. I've been dating one guy this whole year and it has been awhile since one has panned out for me this long. He's my opposite in a lot of ways, but honestly that is what makes us work. The balance that we add to each other's lives is so great. Now it hasn't been easy. Many disagreements and struggling with opening up to each other has almost ended us, but my feelings for him are strong so I definitely want to see where this goes. He makes me so happy.

It's crazy that its August and its safe to say that my summer has officially ended.  I'm staring at the calendar as the dates inch closer and closer to the start of school. 15 more days! These next 2 weeks are my last chance to get out to the pool and hit up a few breweries. All the while I need to get ready and set up my new classroom! Soak it up because Fall is definitely coming.


16 August 2016


I seriously love these two.

Tammie and Carlos have been engaged since December 2015. They are two of my closest friends and they asked me to throw them an engagement party, Actually I asked to plan one for them so they had no choice but to put me in charge of it. As a bridesmaid it was my duty to throw them a fabulous celebration that showcased how awesome they are.

That is where "Cheers to Love" was born. We all love to go out and have a good time and of course enjoy good drinks so why not incorporate the two?

I spent about a month Pinteresting ideas on how to put on a great party on a budget. I think I did a pretty good job.

The best part was the look on Tammie and Carlos' faces when they walked in and were surrounded by friends and family. 

Now its time to focus on even more fun upcoming events. The Bridal Shower and the BACHELORETTE PARTY!!! Stay tuned!

12 August 2016

I confess....

I  got back on to Tinder about a 6 month hiatus. I was "dating" someone but it didn't work out so here I am. So far its been pretty sub par. I did meet one guy who I am going on a date with next week. But this whole "social" thing could be interesting. But that I would only enjoy if I was with my besties. I think online dating has become the norm. So there really isn't a stigma, but I think finding a genuine person is the hardest thing. You just never know.

I really only watch 1 sport in the Olympics. Overall I do root for USA in general but only one sport do I actually sit and watch from start to finish: Gymnastics. I was a gymnast when I was a kid. I think I would have stuck with it too if I didn't get bit with the theater, dance, and cheerleading bug. My cheerleading career flourished because of my gymnastics background so it wasn't in vain. But was inspired by Dominique Dawes and her presence in the 92 Olympics and most importantly the 96 Olympics in Atlanta. My life was forever changed and I wanted to be just like her. So when I see Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas it makes me so proud that African American gymnastics are coming back strong. It had been about 12 years!!

I'm ready for school to start. There are 17 days left until the first day of school. As much as I enjoy not having to wake up before the sun and spending days at the pool. I really miss my kids and having a set schedule. Being a teacher assistant is the best job I've ever had. But not having a set schedule has caused me to get a bit lazy and eat like crazy! Its time to lock it up and get back on track. Anyone got any tips?

Blogging everyday is harder than it looks. So we are on day 12 of "Everyday I'm Bloggin" and I have already missed 7 days. Ugh!!! How did this happen???? Well 3 days was because of my trip to DC and I was running around playing hostess and event planner. I definitely should have planned ahead of time to post. But lets be real. Blogging for 31 days really has put in perspective how much I love to blog but more importantly WHAT i like to blog about. I have some great posts coming up, but I want to take my time and make sure they come out great. I will do my best and make sure that I blog my heart out for the rest of the month.

Happy Friday!!

08 August 2016

I Love Books!

(spent my last train ride reading this!)

Another addition to my 30 before 30 was to read 30 books. I love to read but man this is posing to be more difficult than I thought. Mostly because I run my life very busy and there really isn't time to read the books I want. I've been studying for my teacher tests so I've been focused. If it wasn't for the fact that I get motion sickness I would be able to read on all these road trips I've been on the last couple of months. But with summer coming to a close I want to spend most of my free time lying by the pool with a good book.

Let me know if you have ever read any of these!
  1. Year of Yes
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  3. This Is Why You're Single
  4. The Sisters are Alright
  5. Werk 101
  6. The Tyranny of Petticoats
  7. Bang - Black Lotus
  8. Echo - Black Lotus
  9. Hush - Black Lotus
  10. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  11. Dorothy must Die
  12. The Wicked will Rise
  13. Yellow Big War
  14. To the Boys I"ve Loved Before
  15. P.S. I Still Love You
  16. Me Before You
  17. Girl on the Train
  19. Big Little Lies
  20. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  21. Maze Runner
  22. The Scorch Trials
  23. The Death Cure
  24. Red Queen
  25. Glass Sword
  26. King's Cage
  27. Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)
  28. Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles)
  29. Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)

04 August 2016

A-Z About Me!

I can't look at that picture without laughing. 
My dad is not the type to enjoy a good Snapchat filter.

Day 4: A-Z About Me!!!

A- Age: 29

B- Birthday: October 9th

C- Crushing On: Always 2 men. Michael B Jordan and Idris Elba.

D- Drink you last had: I always try to drink water when I travel. Go me!

E- Easiest person to talk to: Honestly it is probably my mother. I literally talk to her about everything.

F- Favorite piece of jewelry: All of my Alex & Ani bracelets are special to me. My mother gifted me most of them. Each one represents a piece of me. From the NY Giants one, to the peacock feather.

G- Greatest Accomplishment thus far: Definitely figuring out what I want to do with my life. I've spent so many years trying so many careers and none of them worked out. Including what I went to school for! So to see how taken I have become to teaching it makes me feel so good.

H- Hometown: I claim Hawaii because it was the last place I lived before college. But I lived in several places the same amount of years so I could also say Oceanside, CA and Quantico, VA. But Hawaii is more fun and its the one I remember the best of course.

I- Indulgence: I love to indulge in adult coloring books. It definitely calms me down and my creative side comes out. 

J- Jealous of: Can't lie I'm a little bit jealous of my friends who have moved into a new part of their lives with getting married and having kids. I would like all of that in due time. Right now it would be nice to just have someone special.

K- Kids? None right now. But I would love to have 3.

L- Longest friendship: A lot of my friends are hitting double digits. My longest friendships are definitely 12 years. My line sisters Shamecia and Sabrina I have known since 2004.

M- Middle Name(s): Renee' Briana. I have 2 and it definitely starts conversations when I sign my name.

N- Number of siblings: I am an only child!

O- One wish: That my family got a little closer. Right now everyone is kind of into their own things, but I would love for us to get together and have some fun and make new memories!

P- Person who called you last: My mom. Smh. What can I say she's one of my bestest friends.

Q- Quote from a movie: "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain." - Dark Knight

R- Reason to smile: I am getting to go home this week and visit the parents as well as celebrate 2 of my closest friends getting married! I am throwing them an engagement party!

S- Song you last sang: Jessie J - Domino

T- Time you woke up: Today 5:15am Yikes! But that was because I needed to catch a train at 7am.

U- Underwear color: Multi-color stripes!!!

V- Vegetables I don't like: I used to have a couple but now it has been whittled down to one. PEAS. I HATE PEAS.

W- Worst habit: Hmmm I would say biting my nails. And also trusting men. But that's neither here nor there.

X- X-rays you had: Not for a long time. But teeth, chest, wrists, and ankles. When you do sports and have asthma as a kid, you're in the doctors office all the time.

Y- Your last kiss: About 3 weeks ago.

Z- Zodiac sign: LIBRA! I love being a Libra. Any horoscope I read is pretty accurate. At least I think so. Some people think that zodiac signs are stupid. I like thinking that there is something greater than us that shapes who we are. Besides our parents.

03 August 2016

Summer Bucket List

There are 27 days left of summer. Well my summer anyway.
The children will be grabbing backpacks, notebooks, and pencils and starting a fresh new school year.
Im not ready for that AT. ALL. I just finished my summer school stint last week. And with a month left I still have some things that I haven't gotten a chance to do yet.

I made this list in May when I was trying to figure out what I wanted my summer to be like. But then my finances came into play and I realized that I wasn't going to be ballin' out of control. 

So then I redid my list. 

Day 3: Summer Bucket List

1. Visit the City Lights Rooftop bar: This swanky place opened up at the beginning of June and has been the go-to spot all summer. They have these amazing cocktails with champagne and a POPSICLE! Thats the new trend this year because I have seen that this isn't the only place that does that. But its the view that I was to experience. Isn't that gorgeous??

2. Hike Crowders Mountain: Now I haven't actually been hiking since I lived in Hawaii when I climbed Diamond Head (I was young and still in cheerleader shape) but I thought it would be nice to mix up my "exercise". I went to a trampoline fit class and that was pretty cool so why not scale a mountain?  The hard part is finding someone who will do it with me.

3. Go to a Knights game: I love sports, but sports in person is even better. I love going to an arena for football/basketball or a ballpark drinking beer and enjoying the atmosphere. That includes the yelling and heckling from the fans that take it WAY too serious. The good thing about sports is that there is always one going on at any time of the year. Summer means enjoying fresh warm air and baseball. But football season is right around the corner and I'm ready for it!

4. Brewery Hopping: With all the breweries opening up every 5 minutes its only right that with all this free time I should visit them. I have fallen in love with craft beers and somehow Charlotte has become the place to be for breweries. 17 and counting. I've been to 7 so far. Lots to go. 

02 August 2016

30 before 30: Make a Pot of Curry

It's finally happened. 

A pot of curry has been made by yours truly. Now by "made" I mean assisted and by "me" I mean my friend BJ manned the pot and made sure we didn't jack it up. So basically I assisted in making my first pot of curry. That still counts! Plus I called and got the Guyanese recipe from my dad and that was the most important part!! I definitely helped cut up and put ingredients in the pot. Which basically is the concept of curry anyway. 

It's really not a difficult dish, but like most Caribbean dishes, it takes practice and requires just doing what you feel. No measurements. Not if you want the good stuff. So that's what makes me nervous. What if I put too much curry powder? Or not enough garlic? What if the chicken is undercooked? (Salmonella is the answer to the last question).

My grandmother has been making it for as long as I can remember and of course showed my dad how to make it so it was a lot of pressure (not really) to not let the Guyanese cuisine die with me. This also includes learning how to make pepper pot, and my absolute favorite Chow Mein (not the Chinese kind). 

The curry overall looked good. A little darker than usual but I think it's because of all the tomato paste. Tasted good for a first try. So glad I was able to cross off another item off of my 30 before 30.I think now that I had a friend make it and I helped I'm now not as afraid to make a pot of my own. But my dad already knows I will be FaceTiming him the whole time.

Takeaway Tip: Don't wear white while making curry. It will not end well.